Alistair Coleman – How much do we REALLY know about North Korea?

The George, May 29th @ 7.30pm

As tensions between the west and Kim Jong Un increase, Journalist and North Korea Watcher Alistair Coleman will be talking about the secretive kingdom and asking how much do we really know about North Korea?

Alistair has worked at BBC Monitoring for 24 years, part of the World Service which watches and analyses the world’s open source media. Starting his career as a technician, he specialises in studying media behaviour in North Korea for significant changes in tone that could betray changes in policy.
Alistair is a multiple award-winning blogger who enjoys questioning extremism, idiocy and dubious claims; including political blow-hards, religion, stage psychics, homeopaths and quackery.

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  1. Interesting pre-event viewing: – saw this (with English subs) at the 2010 Leeds film festival – also check out the Vice Guide to North Korea:

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