About Us

Soho Skeptics is a coalition of several people and organizations who have joined forces to create great events in the heart of London. Our committee is drawn from The Skeptic magazine, The Pod Delusion and Little Atoms podcasts, the London branch of Skeptics in the Pub, and independent writers and film-makers. They are:

Martin Robbins – Convenor
Martin is a writer and talker on all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff at The Guardian, New Statesman, and anywhere else that’ll have him.
Web: mjrobbins.net
Twitter: @mjrobbins

Carmen D’Cruz – Deputy Convenor
Carmen is admin girl extraordinaire and one of the coordinators of London Skeptics in the Pub. Her favourite colour is beer bottle green.
Twitter: @carmenego




Neil Denny
Neil Denny is the producer and presenter of the Little Atoms radio show and podcast
Web: littleatoms.com
Twitter: @littleatoms




Deborah Hyde
Deborah is the editor in chief of The Skeptic Magazine, and a film-industry makeup effects coordinator who also gets on the wrong side of the camera from time to time.
Web: www.jourdemayne.com
Twitter: @jourdemayne




Tessa Kendall
Tessa has worked in film and television as a script editor and has also been a journalist, researcher and campaigner. She is one of the co-ordinators of London Skeptics in the Pub and has a PhD in something you will never need to know about.
Twitter: @tessakendall


Liz Lutgendorff
Liz is the deputy editor of ‘The Pod Delusion’ and an expert in skeptical and secular history. She is currently working on a PhD in the history of secularism at Oxford Brookes.
Twitter: @sillypunk

James O’Malley
James is the editor of ‘The Pod Delusion’, a weekly news-magazine podcast and radio show about interesting things.
Web: www.poddelusion.co.uk
Twitter: @psythor



Sid Rodrigues
Sid is the found of the Skeptics in the Pub network, convener of London SitP and currently works at Conway Hall.
Twitter: @sidrodrigues



Michael Story
Michael Story is an independent film-maker based in London, who produces and directs documentaries.
Web: www.michaelwstory.com
Twitter: @mwstory

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